4 Q’s to Reflect On Your Leadership While On Holiday

Many of us are taking our holidays around now. It’s always an ongoing debate as to whether you should forget about work or not. It might be a time while lying on the beach or taking a long walk to take some time to reflect on yourself as a leader. If that tickles your fancy then here’s a few questions that might be useful.

  1. How would I rate my own leadership out of 10?
  2. Where will I be a year from now on this scale?
  3. Strategically what are the three things I could do to close the gap?
  4. What’s my next action?

Jot these questions and answers down on a piece of paper. Take a photo with your phone. Put that next action in your diary, and forget about it. Kick back on your sun lounge or enjoy the rest of your walk, enjoy your family and be thrilled that you have a reflected on the most important asset in your business and now have a strategic vision, focus for development and a next action. Sounds worthy of a celebratory drink. Why not buy a round!


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