The Power of ‘Word of Mouth’

When Fergal Quinn once met the president of Wallmart he was asked how many sales staff had he in his small little business back in Ireland? “1300 replied Fergal, all my employees are my sales staff”. Fergal obviously understood the power of ‘Word of Mouth’. Phenominal success stories such as the revival of Hush Puppies (brushed suede shoes) started in …

Barry WalshThe Power of ‘Word of Mouth’

How can I be a better Leader?

Many people are responsible for leading others, and a very responsible role it is too. However, in order to lead others effectively and responsibly we must be able to lead ourselves first. How can we expect to inspire others if we can’t inspire Ourselves? Personal Leadership as I call it, is about ‘inspiring yourself to do what you truly want …

Barry WalshHow can I be a better Leader?

The Difference between Theory and Practice is ‘Practice’

Once upon a time I gave this question some considerable thought. My conclusion was that if we truly believe the theory is correct but yet we find it difficult to put it into practice it is not the theory that is at fault, and it often gets rubbished in this case. No, my believe is that we need to practice …

Barry WalshThe Difference between Theory and Practice is ‘Practice’

FOCUS on what Matters Most

The most meaningful purpose any of us can have is to be of service to others. In our business world we need to focus on what matters most. It may sound corney but it’s true; we need to focus on the Customer.If we make ‘truly’ satisfying our customers and seeing them as our best marketing tool we are destined to …

Barry WalshFOCUS on what Matters Most

The Thought Is Often Worse Than the Action

‘The Thought Is Often Worse Than the Action’ is something I have discovered with experience. For example; doing my accounts is simply something I’d rather not do. I tend to let them slip from time to time. The ‘thought’ of getting them back up to date is often worse than the ‘action’ of actually doing it. I’ve found this to …

Barry WalshThe Thought Is Often Worse Than the Action

Can You Believe This?

I’m back to effort again. It’s the fuel of our actions. If our view is correct then our intentions will be correct. If our intentions are correct then we will apply effort. However, it is important how we view every step. This is how Mahatma Gandhi viewed effort;“Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full …

Barry WalshCan You Believe This?

My Teacher – daughter Lia 

Barry Walsh


Barry Walsh

Change the Angles

I read with interest recently a different version of an old proverb that gets mentioned a lot;“If you continue in the direction you are going, you will most likely end up where you are headed”Sometimes we need a fresh look at the same thing so that it becomes meaningful.Why do we foolish human beings continue to look in the same …

Barry WalshChange the Angles

The Four Powers of Effort

Everyone has one basic wish in common; to be happy. Strangely enough most people look in the wrong place for happiness. They tend to look outside. But for as long as we have been hanging around looking outside for happiness we haven’t found it.Ever heard of that so true proverb; ‘if you continue to do what you have always done …

Barry WalshThe Four Powers of Effort

Be Authentic

We all want to be authentic. Some of us just don’t know it yet. Being authentic means being true to yourself. When you’re living authentically you’re being congruent between your inner world ( your feelings, values, gifts, needs, spiritually, and passions) and your outer world (your job, relationships, home, and community). You are being authentic when these things support and …

Barry WalshBe Authentic

Learning Mode

Imagine ourselves as a fulltime trainee. How would it change our attitude to the way we see the world? We could learn from every situation. We could develop our delegation skills by observing the way our kids react to our demands, requests, etc. We could learn all about customer service merely by observing our interations with others. We could learn …

Barry WalshLearning Mode