Try Compassionate Challenge

I got a bit of feedback from one of my Power of Seven members. He said “entrepreneurs like challenge, if they have a day without challenge it’s not a great day, I’d welcome you being more challenging in our group”. In the last two Po7 meetings I spoke about this and suggested we all bring ‘Compassionate Challenge’ into the room. …

Barry WalshTry Compassionate Challenge
Power of Seven Leaders Retreat Glenstal

Po7 Leaders Retreat at Glenstal Abbey

Our Leadership Journey: Sustaining Performance & Developing Resilience – Physically Mentally, Emotionally & Spiritually. This was the theme for a leaders retreat for a Power of Seven group last week at Glenstal Abbey Co. Limerick. What did we do? Updated each other on important aspects of our leadership. Updated progress on 12 mth goals. Practiced yoga. Attended the monks church to …

Barry WalshPo7 Leaders Retreat at Glenstal Abbey
Powerful Words

The KEY to Powerful Conversations

I gave a workshop to NUIG Executive MBA’ers last week called Powerful Conversations. Obviously I did some research in advance which included an article from Harvard Business Review called ‘Leadership Is A Conversation‘ by Boris Groysberg and Michael Slind. Here are a few of the nuggets from the article: • Leadership Is a Conversation – the role of a leader …

Barry WalshThe KEY to Powerful Conversations

4 Q’s to Reflect On Your Leadership While On Holiday

Many of us are taking our holidays around now. It’s always an ongoing debate as to whether you should forget about work or not. It might be a time while lying on the beach or taking a long walk to take some time to reflect on yourself as a leader. If that tickles your fancy then here’s a few questions …

Barry Walsh4 Q’s to Reflect On Your Leadership While On Holiday

What a Story. Never Give Up On Your Dream. Watch This. (4.5mins)

Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho was homeless on the streets of São Paulo, Brazil, for 35 years. Living amongst dirt and garbage in a spot Raimundo referred to as ‘The Island’, he was known locally for his poetry, which he worked tirelessly on every day in the hope of one day publishing a book. In April 2011, Shalla Monteiro came across The …

Barry WalshWhat a Story. Never Give Up On Your Dream. Watch This. (4.5mins)

Family Business Peer Group Launched

The power of peers. When peers of equal standing get together in a safe and confidential environment it’s amazing what can happen. This was the case yesterday at the launch of the Family Business Forum in Ballinasloe when parents from family businesses around the country gathered to discuss their challenges, share their experience, and offer advice and support to help …

Barry WalshFamily Business Peer Group Launched

Why I Attend the CEO Board of Boards Roundtable

Why I feature this article is the similarity it has with the Power of Seven concept and the benefits we can gain from spending quality well facilitated time with peers. Interesting article on LinkedIn Pulse by Douglas Conant Chairman, Avon Products; Founder, ConantLeadership; Chairman, KELI; Former President, CEO & Director Campbell Soup. Mr Conant talks about his attendance at the CECP’s Board …

Barry WalshWhy I Attend the CEO Board of Boards Roundtable

How To Radically Change Your Culture

Take less than 10 mins to watch this hugely insightful video that could help you radically change your culture. Most business leaders want to change/improve their culture, but they don’t know how. The simple message in this video tells us to stop ordering, instead give control to your staff and create great leaders. Our job as leaders and managers is …

Barry WalshHow To Radically Change Your Culture

Your Business Purpose in 10 mins

Take 10 mins and no more (at least for this draft) to work out your business purpose. A critical step in developing CLARITY on your winning business strategy for a successful and sustainable business that matters. Feel free to send me your first draft for feedback?    

Barry WalshYour Business Purpose in 10 mins

Standard Post With Shortcode Goodies

With several dozen of the best looking Shortcodes around, we wanted to give you a sample of the many high-end Shortcodes built into X. We’ve grouped some together so this isn’t a super long post, however for a complete list with demos and examples of each, be sure to head over to our Shortcodes page. Vivamus sagittis lacus vel augue …

Barry WalshStandard Post With Shortcode Goodies

Beautiful Gallery Post

In this gallery post format, you can include a grouping of images to share with your visitors or customers. In addition you can type any text you want to show up below or leave this area blank to just show the images. You can even use the arrows to browse through the images without having to click through to the …

Barry WalshBeautiful Gallery Post