Try Compassionate Challenge

Compassionate Challenge

I got a bit of feedback from one of my Power of Seven members. He said “entrepreneurs like challenge, if they have a day without challenge it’s not a great day, I’d welcome you being more challenging in our group”. In the last two Po7 meetings I spoke about this and suggested we all bring ‘Compassionate Challenge’ into the room.  Because we gave ourselves permission, we did. It really made a difference. I got some feedback from an associate who also works with a member of one of those groups. He said he got challenged on how he handled the ‘Hot Seat’ issue he presented. The difference was he knew why he was being challenged, because he knew the rest of the group didn’t want him to suffer any longer with this problem. They were asking him questions that pointed out a blind spot that he wasn’t aware of. Normally he’d feel embarrassed but on this ocassion he felt he was being supported by people who’s only interest was him.

The intention behind our challenge is what’s most important. Others will sense that intention. The wording of your challenge/question will come with practice. If we hold in our hearts the wish for that person not to experience failure, problems, or suffering we are being compassionate. If we challenge them with that motivation they will know and respect it. If in any doubt we can ask permission, e.g. “may I ask you a question that might be challenging (pause), so that it might be of some help to you on overcoming your issue with ………..”.

A great way to bring your company values to life is to introduce them one at a time in to your management meetings. For example, “let’s bring ‘compassionate challenge’ into the meeting today so we can help each other in the spirit of our value of Openness”!

Let me know how you get on?


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