Family Business Peer Group Launched

The power of peers. When peers of equal standing get together in a safe and confidential environment it’s amazing what can happen. This was the case yesterday at the launch of the Family Business Forum in Ballinasloe when parents from family businesses around the country gathered to discuss their challenges, share their experience, and offer advice and support to help each another.

The group starts to formally meet on Monday 28th April and every two months thereafter. If you would like an invitation to join then please contact me ASAP. There are only four places left and we anticipate they will go fast.

I had the pleasure of starting this group in a joint venture with Kevin Fahey from Essence of Leadership who runs similar forums to my Power of Seven. Kevin was a joy to work with and our different approaches complimented each other extremely well.

The quality of listening and the degree of openness at the meeting was astounding. It just shows when people come together with similar situations in common how they can be of support to each other. One of the members commented many times how similar the challenges were. Another realised the difference in her quality of listening at the forum and when she is back at her company. There was husband and wife teams which made for interesting dynamics and I’m sure interesting discussions on the journey home! I’d imagine these couples heard each other talk about things they hadn’t discussed themselves before (at least not in the same way).

Here were a few insights/learning mentioned at the close of the day:

Involve others by getting their opinions


I plan to work more with my people


I will acknowledge others contributions more


I will discuss challenges with my staff more


I developed more self- awareness and understand where others are coming from


I plan to listen more to others viewpoints and not just walk away


I’m not going to bottle stuff up but bring out in the open

Note: this group is specifically for parents in a family business. If you are interested in a Power of Seven group for business owners then make contact to discuss interest in a new group starting next month.

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