FREE Training on How to Think of a Better View of Every Situation


In New York on 17 November, 1979, Michael Hewitt-Gleeson and Edward de Bono founded the School of Thinking (SOT) in the USA. From the first meeting in New York, SOT went on to become the biggest nationwide program in the world ever to teach thinking skills to education, business and public sectors.

Many years ago I joined the School of Thinking to receive daily emails prompting me how to change my thinking to a Better View of the Situation (BVS) from my Current View of the Situation (CVS). I opted out after feeling over burdened with emails. I’ve now joined again deciding to answer questions on the days that work for me and skipping those that don’t (already a BVS!). Try it out here for free, I’d recommend it. Only takes two or three minutes to answer each daily question (on the days that suit you!). Click here


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