I love this from the School of Thinking, see post below.

VIRTUAL BOARD: Who can I ask for advice?

Most large institutions have the guidance of a Board of Directors.

THOUGHT EXPERIMENT: Why not use a Virtual Board of Directors for

your own guidance?

Your Virtual Board is happy to meet in your mind whenever you want.

You can appoint anyone you want, as a non-paid Director, from the past,

present or future.

You can choose board members for different reasons; for speech coaching,

for dress, for conversation, for decision-making, for wit, for compassion,

for looks, for stimulation, for provocation, for encouragement,

for sentimental reasons or for inspiration.

You can get advice, support and guidance, free of charge, and on-call

anytime, any place.

It’s also great fun to do!

Note: If this doesn’t work for you and you want an actual board to meet with every other month then check out the Power of VII groups. New group starting in April for Social Entrepreneurs. Contact me for more info.

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