How Power of Seven Mixes Great Craic With Serious Work

Conversations on Braised beef, River Dance, White van man, 1-2-turn, Gay marriage, Election 2016, No credit card, 2.5hr walking tours, Mobile phone insurance, Beat the Government legally, Ok Ted, McDonalds, Carlsberg Ski were had on a recent Power of Seven skiing trip.

This group now in it’s fifth year decided to build some adventure into their meetings. The most recent was a 4 day skiing trip they organised to Morzine in France. Whilst our conversations were mostly informal lots of serious work related topics were discussed as well as lots of mighty great craic!

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Here’s what some of the guys had to say in a post trip email thread:

I found it inspiring, motivational and well worth doing.  Our group is probably stronger from building on interpersonal relationships and genuine respect for each other while also having a greater awareness of different views that were expressed.  It says a lot about the group that we lived with each other for almost 5 days and shared some very memorable times without a cross word spoken


It was a great (mad) trip and I am still totally buzzing from learning to ski fairly well by the last day. And no matter what anyone else says I still think you are a great bunch of guys!!


I picked up the usual few ‘nuggets’ of good info that are always generated when we meet. I think the bond in the group is only strengthened further after this.


..It was great to have a bit of a blow out together incl. the court case to give us all ability to question/challenge/push each other going forward.

New Group Starting Next Month

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 16.06.42

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