How To Radically Change Your Culture

Take less than 10 mins to watch this hugely insightful video that could help you radically change your culture.

Most business leaders want to change/improve their culture, but they don’t know how. The simple message in this video tells us to stop ordering, instead give control to your staff and create great leaders.

Our job as leaders and managers is to coach others to be great leaders and managers. This is the only way we will move ‘one rung up the ladder’ (as I call it). Imagine everyone in your business was to move one rung up the ladder? you as the business leader could then (to use what is now a cliche) start to work ‘ON’ your business more than ‘IN’ your business. You can begin to get your business working for you as opposed to you working for your business. Surely this is your goal!

Key messages in this video:

* Stop Ordering, Give Control – Create Leaders
* It’s all about Intent. Build Physiological Ownership
* The Two Key Pillars are Competence & Organisational Clarity
* Build a business where people are Thinking, Active, Passionate, Creative, Proactive and Taking Initiative
* Move authority to where the Information is
* It starts with YOU. It’s not easy but it is worth it!

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