Employed Managing Director Challenges? New Group for MDs starts soon.

Being an employed Managing Director is not without its challenges, such as:

  • being undermined by your employer (CEO, Owner, board, etc)
  • working harder than most yet not having equity (or enough) in the business.
  • not having ultimate decision making authority
  • doubting yourself because you were not the entrepreneur
  • feeling isolated
  • corporate politics
  • lacking certainty that all this hard work is going to pay off
  • issues with one or more of your team that you feel your hands are tied behind your back

Imagine you had your own board of personal advisors who were also employed MDs?

Whose only interest was your success in business and life?

Apply now for an invitation to such a group for ambitious employed MD’s who help each other to be truely successful. Starts May 2015.

Brochure here.


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