Power of Seven Leaders Retreat Glenstal

Po7 Leaders Retreat at Glenstal Abbey

Our Leadership Journey: Sustaining Performance & Developing Resilience – Physically Mentally, Emotionally & Spiritually. This was the theme for a leaders retreat for a Power of Seven group last week at Glenstal Abbey Co. Limerick.

What did we do?

  • Updated each other on important aspects of our leadership.
  • Updated progress on 12 mth goals.
  • Practiced yoga.
  • Attended the monks church to hear their Gregorian chant.
  • Ate leisurely breakfast and lunch.
  • Attended monks refectory for super in silence.
  • Guided tour by Fr. Anthony Keane – The Mystagogy of the Forest (what has the forest eco system got to do with leadership and resilience?)
  • Talk by Fr Simon Sleeman – What we can learn about management of self and others from ‘The Rule of Benedict’.
  • Talk by Eleanor Winters a Nutritional Therapist on Food & Mood- Managing Stress & Increasing Energy and Resilience Through Nutrition.
  • Walk & Talk paired coaching.
  • Watch a movie “Legend of Baggervance”
  • Talk by Fr Mark Patrick Hederman (Abbot of Glenstal) – How We Use Our Creativity To Deal With Challenge.
  • Tour of Icon Chapel by Fr. Christopher.
  • Established what’s important for next 12 mths and set goals for business, family and self.
  • Laughed, rested, stilled and chilled.

All in all, a great experience was had by all. Thanks to all the guys involved, you played a blinder.

The talks with the monks were very enlightening. They are highly intelligent individuals, with no real egos, pondering on the great questions of life with humour and with searching minds. Dave MD TV Production Company.


The idea of arriving in on a Sunday evening in a relaxed mood from the weekend and getting even more relaxed over the two days was a great foundation for thinking about business, family and oneself in a deep way. Dave MD TV Production Company.


I’m going away with a clear focus on what’s important rather than what’s urgent. Ed MD Healthcare Franchise business.


Being here gave me a chance to understand my core beliefs, ask myself am I being true to them and am I living up to them. It was like being on a holiday yet getting lots of work done. Gerry MD Technology business.


Whilst their is commonality amongst the group there is a variety of views, all which help me to make my own clear conclusions and what’s important to me and my leadership, in a way I just couldn’t do on my own. Ronan MD Timber Component Manufacturing business.

Next Glenstal Retreat Oct 12-14th 2014

Open to the public.
Invitation details here

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