Step Forward – Step Backward? You Choose.

Many Power of Seven groups are doing goal setting at the moment. It gives everyone something to aim for and also provides context for that member in their group.

As I was out running the other morning an idea came to mind (I usually get at least one good idea or break through when running). 🏃

The challenge
I was contemplating those critical decisions we need to make (big and small) that make us who we are, or who we want to be. For example we may want to loose weight and choose to eat more healthy foods, then during the course of a busy day we are faced with a choice – fruit or chocolate? (ok, small choice, but big effect over time!).
Another choice example, your working hard developing your own business that you are very passionate about and along comes a job opportunity which a handsome salary, do you ditch the hard slog and go for the big money?

The idea !
Whilst I understand this is not a new concept, it was a bit of a light bulb moment for me and I’ve been practicing it since with great effect. Based on a very clear picture of who or what you want to be. Note: a very clear personal vision. When faced with big or small decisions we think do I ‘step-forward’ to my future self or do I ‘step-backward’ and become whoever I become by not doing what’s best for my future me.
So by eating the chocolate biscuit we continue to put on weight, feel guilt, and crave another one shortly after, or do we have the fruit, enjoy the positive choice we’ve made, enjoy being healthier, etc.
When we contemplate that new high paid job opportunity (even if we do) we remember why we’re building the business we own, the passion behind it, and the satisfaction over the long term.

With clarity like this we find we’re faced with many less dilemma’s. What were Y roads before seem much straighter because you are so clear on who you will be, your only interest is that which serves this purpose.

So go on, ‘step forward’ into your future self.

P.S. The best thing you can do to make this work is get a crystal clear picture who you are going to be. Meditate on it.


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