Illuminating Your Blind Spot

‘Why do our attempts to deal with the challenges of our time so often fail? Why are we stuck in so many quagmires today? The cause of our collective failure is that we are blind to the deeper dimension of leadership and transformational change. This “blind spot” exists not only in our collective leadership but also in our everyday social …

Barry WalshIlluminating Your Blind Spot

How a Power of Seven Member Saw The Wood For The Trees

He realised that whilst the issue with one of his managers was important, in the scale of things it was just another issue that he would have to deal with. Overall, his company was back making good consistent profits, his market share was increasing, things with the family were going well, especially having taken action on his ageing parents as a result of a previous Po7 group discussion, and he was doing pretty well himself – he had lost a stone, was bac

Barry WalshHow a Power of Seven Member Saw The Wood For The Trees

Step Forward – Step Backward? You Choose.

Many Power of Seven groups are doing goal setting at the moment. It gives everyone something to aim for and also provides context for that member in their group. As I was out running the other morning an idea came to mind (I usually get at least one good idea or break through when running). 🏃 The challenge I was contemplating …

Barry WalshStep Forward – Step Backward? You Choose.

Great Leaders Can Make Sense

This is from an article of Brian Arthur’s in the Harvard Business Review. “Imagine you are milling about in a large casino with the top figures in the high-tech-the Gates, Gerstners, and Groves of their industries. Over at one table, a game is starting called Multimedia. Over at another is a game called Web Services. In the corner is Electronic …

Barry WalshGreat Leaders Can Make Sense

Spend More Time With Chargers, Less With Drainers

Do a little audit over the holidays. Scroll down through recent calls on your mobile, emails over a week, meetings in your diary, or wherever your time is occupied with others. Identify those that drain your energy [DRAINERS] and does that charge your energy [CHARGERS]. Make strategic decisions to spend less time with DRAINERS and more time with CHARGERS in …

Barry WalshSpend More Time With Chargers, Less With Drainers

Try Compassionate Challenge

I got a bit of feedback from one of my Power of Seven members. He said “entrepreneurs like challenge, if they have a day without challenge it’s not a great day, I’d welcome you being more challenging in our group”. In the last two Po7 meetings I spoke about this and suggested we all bring ‘Compassionate Challenge’ into the room. …

Barry WalshTry Compassionate Challenge
Powerful Words

The KEY to Powerful Conversations

I gave a workshop to NUIG Executive MBA’ers last week called Powerful Conversations. Obviously I did some research in advance which included an article from Harvard Business Review called ‘Leadership Is A Conversation‘ by Boris Groysberg and Michael Slind. Here are a few of the nuggets from the article: • Leadership Is a Conversation – the role of a leader …

Barry WalshThe KEY to Powerful Conversations

The Leadership Blind Spot

The blind spot in current leaders’ thought is that they know all about what leaders do and how they do it—but not know about the source level, that is, the inner place or the state of awareness from which leaders and social systems operate. I first recognized this when I interviewed Bill O’Brien, the late CEO of Hanover Insurance. Summarising …

Barry WalshThe Leadership Blind Spot