How a Power of Seven Member Saw The Wood For The Trees

He realised that whilst the issue with one of his managers was important, in the scale of things it was just another issue that he would have to deal with. Overall, his company was back making good consistent profits, his market share was increasing, things with the family were going well, especially having taken action on his ageing parents as a result of a previous Po7 group discussion, and he was doing pretty well himself – he had lost a stone, was bac

Barry WalshHow a Power of Seven Member Saw The Wood For The Trees

How Business Leaders Get CLARITY

Each Power of Seven group does a leadership retreat every year. The first one is called CLARITY. It’s all about getting clarity on your professional and personal life and ensuring work/life alignment. What’s the point in being successful in business and not in life and vice versa. After a CLARITY retreat you have a vision and strategy for YOUR future. …

Barry WalshHow Business Leaders Get CLARITY

Great Leaders Can Make Sense

This is from an article of Brian Arthur’s in the Harvard Business Review. “Imagine you are milling about in a large casino with the top figures in the high-tech-the Gates, Gerstners, and Groves of their industries. Over at one table, a game is starting called Multimedia. Over at another is a game called Web Services. In the corner is Electronic …

Barry WalshGreat Leaders Can Make Sense

Employed Managing Director Challenges? New Group for MDs starts soon.

Being an employed Managing Director is not without its challenges, such as: being undermined by your employer (CEO, Owner, board, etc) working harder than most yet not having equity (or enough) in the business. not having ultimate decision making authority doubting yourself because you were not the entrepreneur feeling isolated corporate politics lacking certainty that all this hard work is …

Barry WalshEmployed Managing Director Challenges? New Group for MDs starts soon.
Power of Seven Leaders Retreat Glenstal

Po7 Leaders Retreat at Glenstal Abbey

Our Leadership Journey: Sustaining Performance & Developing Resilience – Physically Mentally, Emotionally & Spiritually. This was the theme for a leaders retreat for a Power of Seven group last week at Glenstal Abbey Co. Limerick. What did we do? Updated each other on important aspects of our leadership. Updated progress on 12 mth goals. Practiced yoga. Attended the monks church to …

Barry WalshPo7 Leaders Retreat at Glenstal Abbey

The Leadership Blind Spot

The blind spot in current leaders’ thought is that they know all about what leaders do and how they do it—but not know about the source level, that is, the inner place or the state of awareness from which leaders and social systems operate. I first recognized this when I interviewed Bill O’Brien, the late CEO of Hanover Insurance. Summarising …

Barry WalshThe Leadership Blind Spot