What Drives the Facebook Man?

Values & Culture
Here were some of the values Mark Zuckerberg’s (Facebook Founder & CEO) mentioned they have at Facebook Inc. in an interview with Business Insider:
* Move Fast
* Be Bold
* Focus on Impact
* Think Long Term

Zuckerberg mentioned values and culture constantly as the driving force behind what Facebook does and why it does it. In my opinion values comes first and culture manifests from that. I recently got insight to what a business owner in Galway did with his company in terms of re-establishing and living their values. A wonderful piece of visionary work that I know will have incredible long term effect. Note, he heavily involved his management team and staff. They have a process that monitors how well they are living their values. It’s a catch us being good at our values kind of system. Drop me a line if you want to know more about what and how he did it?

My recent interest in Facebook was as a result of going to see the movie ‘The Social Network’ (I’d recommend it).
Mark Zuckerberg appeared recently on a live broadcast of The Oprah Winfrey Show to announce that he is donating $100 million to overhaul the failing Newark, N.J., public school system. Zuckerberg credits his work ethic and wealth to his education – he attended public high school in New York before transferring to Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire and attending college at Harvard – which is why he wanted to donate money to Newark’s school system.

“Move fast and break things”

This is what Mark’s prime directive is to his developers and team. “Unless you are breaking stuff,” he says, “you are not moving fast enough.” !!!

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