Seven non competing SME business owners meet every second month in a totally confidential setting with professional facilitation. They exchange experience and ideas in a structured way to help overcome their most critical issues, and identify opportunities for business and personal growth. A proven concept in Ireland running almost nine years with many groups in existence.


To make your business work for you, and not you always working for it. To have a chance to get a distance from your business so that you can see the ‘wood for the trees’ and see it more strategically. To help you uncover the blind spots of your leadership (we all have them). To provide you with your own personal board of confidants and advisors who have earned your respect over time.


Ambitious business owners who need to develop their leadership and management skills to move their business to the next level. Leaders who never stop learning and who believe in sharing. Business owners who want to build profitable, sustainable businesses that make a difference.


Members provide each other with feedback, advice, ideas and sometimes challenge on their most critical issues or opportunities. They hold each other accountable, inspire and motivate each other. They leave with insights and answers to take action on issues ranging from “how do I get my management team more engaged?” to “how do I take more time off without my business suffering?”.

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Their Stories

Jill Holtz on how through being a member of a Power of Seven she’s become a more mindful leader.

Paul Fallon a Power of Seven member. His inspiring story.


Peer walk ‘n’ talk on annual retreat at Glenstal Abbey

How to Join a Po7

Recent meeting by Business Development Managers to the City Bin Co. Galway.


“The benefits are both personal and professional, I’m a better person, a better manager”

“Its learning from each others mistakes that makes it so valuable to me”

“I discussed equity share today with my general manager, I never would have dreamt of having this discussion before joining this group”

“a chance to stop chasing my tail, a chance to step out and take a higher level overview”


Barry Walsh

Founder of the Power of Seven. 16 years experience in helping SME owners and their teams develop winning strategies for  business growth. Barry’s facilitation style creates a space for shared learning that leads to action.


What’s Unique About the Power of Seven?

* Totally confidential. Everything stays in the room.
* You are surrounded by six other business owners who experience similar ups and downs to you.
–  they can understand you like no one else.
* A ‘Power’ or ‘Synergy’ is created. As Aristotle said “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”
* It’s like having your own board of directors, even better at times.
* With Po7 members you can discuss anything without being judged.

What’s The Value?

* Objectivity – Insights – Fresh ideas.
* Learn from each others experience & failures.
* Influence – you will listen more to peers you respect than anyone else.
* Support – encouragement on that idea you’ve been thinking about.
* A board of listeners – we all know how valuable it is to be truly listened to without judgement.
* Coaching – better than any one to one coaching. You get coaching X 6 + a professional advisor.



Find Out More

Feel free to ask ask any questions? Receive a brochure? Discuss suitability for a group? Talk to Barry by phone/in person? You won’t be pounded on with sales talk, it’s about getting to understand your needs and matching you with others that can add real value to you and vice versa.

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