Who's the right one for me?

An Alternative to a Business Coach

  How do I Pick a Coach? When I went to source a coach some years ago I found it really difficult. My big obstacle was finding the right one who had the necessary expertise for the various areas I wanted to work on. Other big questions I had were: Will this be totally confidential? Will they understand my business …

Barry WalshAn Alternative to a Business Coach
Energy Chargers / Drainers

Spend More Time With Chargers, Less With Drainers

Do a little audit over the holidays. Scroll down through recent calls on your mobile, emails over a week, meetings in your diary, or wherever your time is occupied with others. Identify those that drain your energy [DRAINERS] and does that charge your energy [CHARGERS]. Make strategic decisions to spend less time with DRAINERS and more time with CHARGERS in …

Barry WalshSpend More Time With Chargers, Less With Drainers

4 Q’s Before Trying To Sell

Seth Goddin is a really wise guy. He’s my guru when it comes to business development. In a pod cast I listened to recently I heard Seth’s 4 questions you should answer before doing anything else: Who is your next customer? i.e. what’s her outlook, hopes, needs, dreams, wants, etc What is the story she told about herself before she met …

Barry Walsh4 Q’s Before Trying To Sell
Po7 in Action

NEW Po7 For Business Development Managers

Are you a Business Development Manager (BDM) or Sales Manager? Maybe you’re a Business Owner/MD with a BDM who could benefit from meeting with other BDMs to support, advise, motivate and learn from. Starts February 2015 This NEW Power of Seven group starts in Feb 2015 based on requests by a number of dynamic BDMs. It’s impossible for any BDM to …

Barry WalshNEW Po7 For Business Development Managers

Interview With Barry Walsh

Spot ON N.59 An Irish Executives Interview by Pascal Derrien Governance and Leadership Team, Board Member & Executive Director at Irish Executives Network 10th Nov 2015 I really like the # 7, it does remind me of the 7 Samouraïs, the magnificent or the 7 adventures of Sinbad. Somebody recently also spoke to me about the 7 habits of highly …

Barry WalshInterview With Barry Walsh

Best Investment You Can Make: Emotional Assets

Typically the term ‘Emotional Assets’ covers a broad spectrum of collecting categories that include fine art, contemporary design, rare stamps, ancient coins, etc. However last week at a Power of seven meeting one of the members shared his intentions to invest in emotional assets with a different meaning. He described emotional assets as memories his kids would have of great …

Barry WalshBest Investment You Can Make: Emotional Assets
Power of seven in the News

Power of Seven In The News

Printed in Irish Independent Business Supplement 11th Sept 2014 Bringing Business Owners Together To Solve Problems Barry Walsh (46) is the founder of Power of Seven, which teams up business leaders with their peers to help one another solve business challenges. “I came up with the idea by chance. In my work as a leadership consultant and business coach I found …

Barry WalshPower of Seven In The News
Compassionate Challenge

Try Compassionate Challenge

I got a bit of feedback from one of my Power of Seven members. He said “entrepreneurs like challenge, if they have a day without challenge it’s not a great day, I’d welcome you being more challenging in our group”. In the last two Po7 meetings I spoke about this and suggested we all bring ‘Compassionate Challenge’ into the room. …

Barry WalshTry Compassionate Challenge
Power of Seven Leaders Retreat Glenstal

Po7 Leaders Retreat at Glenstal Abbey

Our Leadership Journey: Sustaining Performance & Developing Resilience – Physically Mentally, Emotionally & Spiritually. This was the theme for a leaders retreat for a Power of Seven group last week at Glenstal Abbey Co. Limerick. What did we do? Updated each other on important aspects of our leadership. Updated progress on 12 mth goals. Practiced yoga. Attended the monks church to …

Barry WalshPo7 Leaders Retreat at Glenstal Abbey
Powerful Words

The KEY to Powerful Conversations

I gave a workshop to NUIG Executive MBA’ers last week called Powerful Conversations. Obviously I did some research in advance which included an article from Harvard Business Review called ‘Leadership Is A Conversation‘ by Boris Groysberg and Michael Slind. Here are a few of the nuggets from the article: • Leadership Is a Conversation – the role of a leader …

Barry WalshThe KEY to Powerful Conversations

4 Q’s to Reflect On Your Leadership While On Holiday

Many of us are taking our holidays around now. It’s always an ongoing debate as to whether you should forget about work or not. It might be a time while lying on the beach or taking a long walk to take some time to reflect on yourself as a leader. If that tickles your fancy then here’s a few questions …

Barry Walsh4 Q’s to Reflect On Your Leadership While On Holiday
Wood for the Trees

Can You See The Wood For The Trees?

He realised that whilst the issue with one of his managers was important, in the scale of things it was just another issue that he would have to deal with. Overall, his company was back making good consistent profits, his market share was increasing, things with the family were going well, especially having taken action on his ageing parents as a result of a previous Po7 group discussion, and he was doing pretty well himself – he had lost a stone, was bac

Barry WalshCan You See The Wood For The Trees?